marquelle (sweptaway) wrote in animal_talk,

fight to save the taiji dolphins

23,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji, Japan for meat. They force the migrating dolphins to the beach by banging hammers. The sound is painful to the dolphins and they slowly make a line of boats to push them to the beach. As soon as they are netted trainers from various zoos (think Sea World) come out and choose the dolphins they want to perform. The rest are huddled into a cove, away from the public eye where they are stabbed over and over with spears.

The ironic part of this is no one in Japan even likes dolphin meat because dolphins are like toxic waste sites. They are mercury infested and it can cause things like blindness and memory loss. What they do is disguise it by labeling it as whale meat.

At the International Whaling Commission, they tried to fight this, but Japan is bribing smaller and impoverished countries to vote with them.

If you can tell just one other person about this, it would be great. I know there's nothing I can do about it here in Arizona, but I can tell you guys and you can tell other people so we aren't walking around in ignorance. It's so important. It really is.

This post is inspired by seeing this movie:

If you get a chance, see it.
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